I write Bugs from USK STP DÖC JOR....

​​I've been writing since 87. Started Writing Bugs in 1989 I paint where I can, don't matter as long as its not too high up. Heights fuck with me! I paint mostly in L.A but also ALL THE neighboring cities. I paint with whatever can are available but back in the day it was Krylons and Rustos. Now mostly is MTNs. If I do use Rusto, I will use the stock tips. Don't really like adapters.
I wanna give a shout out to all the homies that paint with me and show support. 

Peace to:
I2W, SKA, UTI, THC, MTA, USC, WCA, MSK, AWR, RF, OTR, WAI, CBS, KWS and the rest of the crews out there reppin it hard.