PhotoMissionOne: TACOMA WA FREIGHTS!....PAGE 1 
​(all photos by Power 7/9/2016)
After seeing a line of 30+ cars parked under the Tacoma Narrows bridge -ALL HIT- for a few weeks I finally got a free 2 hours to hike down the hill to the tracks. ​
Some of the Tags along the way on the hike IN.
These cars were majorly HIT and I don't know if they were soon for THE BUFF but it was cool to see some many Writers UP. On the way in I met a dude who was telling a park worker how he was just going in to shoot photos of trains. In two seconds I could see he was a Writer. His coat, shoes and fingers all had paint and he was laying the "nice guy" speech on this worker. LOL....we both parked and started to walk in. I quickly pulled out a Can Control sticker and asked what he WROTE. He laughed and told me with a smile as I gave back my info. He wasn't there just to shoot. His bag was full of paint to do one of his elephant outlines. Cool brother.