I write SENSA short for sensae

I started tagging around my school area in 7th grade, 1990. Nothing big, just toy shit. 1992 I started bus Writing and adventuring out of my city. 

I'm from S.T.K.: Swarn To Kill, Seeking The Kingdom! We are from the San Gabriel Valley.

SHOUT OUTS: The Lord above, to my crew, Mural, Ryser, Tense, Ufor, Gabah, Tripps, Zems. Also to my boy since 1991; Aloy MSK FTL STK. My ninjas from the Kill 4 Pride crew. Also my lady FLOOZ and my girls Sam Cam Lil Robity, Shiver AWR. All the og's who put in work before me and of course Mr Power-One Can Control. 

Main area for me is East of the L.A. river, East Los, North East Los, Alhambra, D.T. L.A. and the whole San Gabriel valley

Id love to do murals some day. 

I've done trains growing up. In Alhambra we have a train yard one town away so trains have always played a role in my Graffiti carrier. From Tagging them, then doing Throw Up's and a few burners but id like to do more pieces on them! I've had a couple of them benched in other states and I think that's what makes train super cool.

For GETTING UP I use anything I can get my hands on! Dollar cans, Rustoleum, Painters Touch, Buff Paint, Ironlak and Montana.  I'm a broke Writer who has been caught up with the law for years so that holds me back from Racking. Plus, I have kids and a family so I don't try to be stealing anymore. In 2014 majority of my pieces were "oops paint" and dollar cans. I will use a good quality can to In-Line and a good quality can to Border but I'll use whatever I can get my hands on.

‚ÄčI would love to be sponsored one day!!