Who the fuck we are

In Aug, 1987, King Charlie DTK and I released the worlds first Graffiti MAGAZINE. We loved the NYC, Graffiti News Paper before us but we wanted to go in a different style to show the world our Graffiti LIFE. A clear, glossy page, magazine layout that showed civilians our Graffiti culture.

.After one year under our working title of Ghetto Art I branched out alone and changed the name of the ZINE to Can Control! I increased the page count, increased the photo count and started the worlds first mutii page interviews with Graffiti Writers.  I also went to color making Can Control the worlds first Graffiti MAG in color.
My finding Graffiti was a long a wild road! I jumped into the L.A. Punk rock world in the late 1970's and at every club, every wall was covered with marker and spray paint Graffiti. SO I fucking joined theses anarchy artist! We first HIT up the Punk bands we supported and very soon, had nicknames and we Marker Tagging every city that has Punk shows 1980-1983.
By 1984 the New York style of Graffiti found us in L.A. and we took up the style as we changed it to fit what we knew about Graffiti.
All the time we painted I had my camera. This became the second most important part after the painting itself because the Graffiti we were doing and seeing had a very short lifespan. The works got painted over or got "gone over" by other Graffiti Writers.
I have saved all the photos that I took and what was sent into my mag and offer them now at this website ONLY!
PowerOne, WCA, CBS, CM3, XTC, MTK, SV, MSK