99% of the photos by POWER.



This page is ONE of many that I will give a big shout out to the Writers I respect and admire! To the Writers that not only put in the WORK but change the GAME, change OUR Graffiti LIFE! (THESE FLICKS NOT BY POWER)  

The Writer RAIN, is also a web & graphic designer and a Writer that has graduated from Bombing to Murals while NEVER giving up on Bombing!  Freights to highway Bombing this Writer has painted over 12 states.

Starting with Tagging in San Jo, Ca in the Late 80s and early 90’s, Rains family up & moved to New Jersey in 1992.

He says it like this, "Long story short, I lived in the burbs with no Graffiti scene until I moved to Trenton, NJ in 1997." During that time Rain just focused on Black-Book-ing & drawing. Rain met Pose 2 (FX Crew), Sew and Base (SM Crew) and they schooled Rain on Piecing and they have not yet stopped.

Rain's Writing partner on some of the Flicks is the Dope RAS!

I first saw (and fell) for Rain's Dope work when my East Coast Brothers sent me some photos of it years ago.  Then -luckily- I started to follow him on Facebook and keep track of his Graffiti, Murals and studio work! He was kind enough to except my request to praise his skills on this new section of my Can Control site!

As a fan, I LEARNED Rain, helped organize the first Graffiti JAM in Trenton. It was called Jersey FRESH Jam way back in 2005.  Rain is also the founder and PREZ of the Dope Crew; VICIOUS STYLES!!!