99% of the photos by POWER.



This page is the first of many that will give a big shout out to the Writers I respect and admire! To the Writers that not only put in the WORK but change the GAME, change OUR Graffiti LIFE! (THESE FLICKS NOT BY POWER)  

The Writer COUPE is one Writer that

I not only respect but a Writer that has abso-fucking-lutely changed our Graffiti LIFE!

I have never had the honor of Getting UP with COUPE and have only met and communicated with this KING via the mail, the web and texting but I have been a fan of his Freights way before he was nice enough to help keep my small contribution to our Graffiti World remembered by interviewing me for his amazing contribution to Graffiti:LEGENDS THURSDAY GRAFFITI PODCAST.  His dedication to capturing all of our Graffiti history via deep interviews with most of the top Writers through his Podcast is such a great contribution to the ART we all need to thank him.     

Instead of taking Coupe's time to interview I decded to run this really good interview Art Primo did with Coupe a few years ago.

COUPE is a great Writer that has dedicated years to doing Dope walls and street Bombing but it was FREIGHTS that he truly Killed! Having painted in most every state, he has Hit every kind of freight that rolls. This energy is the same dedication he poured into his Graffiti Podcast.  COUPE never took a lazy approach to his get his interviews. He would travel to the Writers to make sure the talk was as deep as it needed to capture the Graffiti History. From Risky to Bleek to GK to Ichabod, COUPE interviews have touched on so many different sides of Graffiti that a real picture of the scene has been sealed in history.