99% of the photos by POWER.

Risky & Power, Two Bombing Missions

This page is a look back at two Bombing Missions that Risky & Power went on.  These two were Writing Partners since 1988 and these two nights went over well.    

All photos by Power....


June 26, 1990, Downtown Los Angeles Blue Line tunnel. 

The train lines were not 100% open yet but test runs had been happening so Risky & Power watched the lines and found an opening in their fence system. The workers were down in the other end of the tunnel finishing the line and these two said FUCK IT...  These walls stayed un-buffed for a few months. 

These are the original, unedited photos by Power 

Summer 1990, Hollywood Freeway near Western Ave off ramp.

During a great time in L.A. Freeway Bombing one night Power, Strip, Charlie (as Ocho), Frame. Risky, Dream-RIP (Pushing his Crew S.M.D.) & Wisk took out the main wall on the 101 between Western and Vermont

Power went back the next morning and pulled over on the freeway to Catch the Flicks.