This page is the first of many that will give a big shout out to the Writers I respect and admire! To the Writers that not only put in the WORK but change the GAME, change OUR Graffiti LIFE!  



The Writer BLEEK and I are from a Graffiti crew called C.ant B.e S.topped and we both proudly work at keeping the history and memory of King Skate (who passed away years ago) alive!  I have dedicated many pages of my Can Control to the Spirt of Skate and because King BLEEK is not only a DOPE Writer but he also put in the time to graduate Film School, he took that talent and made the BEST documentary on Graffiti EVER (peace to Style Wars).

Bleek with producer Anger Killed it..

The final project is called Can't Be Stopped The Movie and it not only praises the memory of Skate but it presented the Graffiti Crew C.B.S. to the world in a way that was so true, and in depth it was almost a virtual experience.

BLEEK's Graffiti action has been active for over 25 years and includes everything from FREIGHTS to Burners on BILLBOARDS.         

This photo is from the premier of the movie. It was THE EVENT! Anger and Bleek held court like movie pros.  

Bleek has Pushed CBS for over 23 years and he has Bombed now in over 10

countries and 22 states. Hitting Freights everywhere and and taking time for real Burners! One of Graffiti's Kings of style it is always Killer seeing what BLEEK comes out with each time.

I want to thank BLEEK for all he has done for OUR Graffiti WORLD.